Hypnotizing Images of Budapest’s Spiral Staircases

Posted on Architecture 25

Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits explores the hypnotizing beauty of spiral staircases with his new project Time Machine. By shooting a variety of examples throughout Budapest, he highlights the elegant curves, and immense variety, of this sophisticated architectural element.

From perfectly circular to square and triangular, each staircase’s lines are expertly composed within the frame. Alovits’ series balances between fine art and architectural photography, as he challenges the spectator to appreciate the artistic quality of these striking spiral staircases.

Above all, Time Machine is an ode to the Bauhaus and Art Deco architecture that fills Budapest. These dominant architectural styles blanket the Hungarian capital, a reminder of the wealth and power the city held. Each photograph, shot from the same perspective, evokes these memories, while at the same time conjuring a view of infinity.

It’s hard not to get pulled in to each photograph, the spellbinding symmetry of the spiral moving your eye along into the infinite well.

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All images via Balint Alovits.