Hyperrealistic 3D “Paintings” of Elegantly Swimming Fish Created on Layers of Resin

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For artists interested in working in three dimensions, sculpture may seem like the most fitting genre to explore. However, as creatives Riusuke Fukahori, Keng Lye have demonstrated, resin paintings have proven to be an alternative, avant-garde approach to traditional 3D art. And now, Chinese artist Lillian Lee joins the ranks of these master resin painters.

Lee’s collection of hyperrealistic paintings features a focus on animals, including colorful koi fish (admired by the artist for being “so peaceful and very gentle to each other”), elegant bettas, and even slithering dragons. The aquatic nature of these creatures heightens their realism, as the water-like look of the resin suggests they are swimming. In addition to their fitting aesthetic, Lee also favors fish for their cultural significance, as they represent blessings and luck in China.

Much like Fukahori and Lye, Lee employs a meticulous trompe-l’œil painting process to create each 3D resin painting. She first pours a layer of resin into a container, which range from everyday bowls and boxes to seashells and carved stones. Once the resin has dried, she uses acrylic paint to create a portion of her desired picture. Again, she lets the layer dry, and then repeats the process in order to gradually “bring the animals to life and create the optical illusion.”
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Chinese artist Lillian Lee creates captivating 3D art

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