Human And Her Dog Had Babies On The Same Day So They Did An Adorable Photoshoot

Kami Klingbeil’s pregnant dog Delia was supposed to give birth two days before Klingbeil went into labor, but Delia surprised her family by giving birth only 3 hours before Klingbeil!

Klingbeil got a call from her dad while she was at the hospital with her mom: “We’re at your house and the dog went into labor,” he said. Now, the Klingbeil household is home to 9 new goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle hybrids) puppies and one baby boy named Brydon. Six days later, they all posed for an adorable photoshoot by Teresa Raczynski at Park Avenue Photography.

One of the female puppies will stay with the family and the rest have already all found new homes.