Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster” Makes Him Burst Into Tears

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When this homeless man in Spain was graciously given a makeover by a local salon, he also got a new lease on life. With the help of some scissors, hair dye, and a spiffy new outfit, Jose Antonio went from scruffy street dweller to classy hipster, and could hardly recognise himself afterwards.

Jose, known affectionately as Josete by locals in his native Palma, spent 25 years living on the street. Salva Garcia, owner of La Salvajeria hair salon, invited Jose to come and get cleaned up. When they uncovered the mirror to show him his freshly trimmed beard and lush brown hair, he began to sob. “My God… Is this me?” He exclaims in a video of the transformation produced by the salon.

Brimming with joy, Jose hit the town. Locals who were used to his former appearance gasped in shock, shouting compliments from afar. La Salvajeria has since revealed to Spanish TV stations that Jose is now receiving financial assistance from an unnamed company and is off the streets. “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” he told reporters.

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Jose Antonio lived on the streets of Palma, Spain, for 25 years

He was well-known by locals and helped many park their cars in the town’s main square for a small wage

Salva Garcia, owner of La Salvajeria hair salon, invited Jose to come in and get cleaned up for free

This was no easy task, as Jose’s long and scruffy hair – including his beard – had to be chopped and tamed

Jose’s hair was also dyed dark brown, since a more youthful appearance could help him find a better job

Locals also provided Jose with a crisp new white shirt, and a pair of cropped red pants

He asked the salon’s mirror to be covered until his makeover was finished

When they finally opened it, Jose was overcome by emotion and began to sob

He was barely recognisable from before. “My God… Is this me?” He loudly exclaimed

Brimming with joy, Jose hit the town, and flaunted all of his newfound ‘hipster’ glory

“It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” he told Spanish reporters about his transformation

Locals had to do a double-take just to realise who he was, but showered him with compliments nonetheless

Watch Jose’s journey below in a video produced by La Salvajeria:

El espiritu de la plaza

Todos tenemos una historia.. y esta es una de esas que vale la pena contar.Hoy la salvajería cumple 3 años, y queremos compartir con vosotros nuestro proyecto más personal.nuestro resumen de estos 3 años es; el rodearte de buenas personas te hace feliz!

Geplaatst door La Salvajería op maandag 13 maart 2017

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