Hi-Tech Bracelet Uses 15 Twinkling LED Lights to Simulate the Illuminated Beauty of the Galaxy

Posted on Design 309

If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your outfit, what better way than with the cosmos? ThinkGeek has a dazzling Celestial Fireworks Bracelet that features a spectacular portrait of Westerland 2, a cluster of stars in the remote—20,000 light years away—constellation Carina. Captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, it’s a gorgeous representation of our universe and a welcome addition to your everyday attire.

ThinkGeek takes the shining stars a step further with the addition of 15 tiny twinkling LED lights. They’re powered by a rechargeable battery, and these foreground stars gleam white light in succession around the jewelry’s exterior band. If you’d prefer the bracelet to stay dark, however, there’s an on/off switch to ensure you don’t sparkle too hard.

The Celestial Fireworks Bracelet is now available through the ThinkGeek website.

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Hi-Tech Bracelet 1

Hi-Tech Bracelet 2

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