He’s Known As The Dirtiest Man In Europe. And How He Got That Way Is Extremely Odd.

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Ludvik Dolezal isn’t your average homeless man. Ludvik, who is from the Czech Republic, actually may be the dirtiest man in Europe. That’s because of his unusual habit. He is absolutely fascinated with ashes and fire. So much so, he sleeps in a bed made of ash.The man burned his mattress and duvet cover just to create enough ash to comfortably sleep in. He believes that fire is one of the most important parts of his life.


Passers by often refer to Ludvik as the devil, like in a fairy tale.


One day, he quit his job.


Since then, he has “been with the fire.”


He burns nearly all of his possessions so that he can cover up with hot ash.


It’s believed that his obsession with fire and ash is the result of a psychological disorder.


One of the few possessions he managed not to burn is his radio.


Sometimes strangers will give the man tires to burn so he can keep warm.


He’s also a heavy smoker.




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