Here Are 29 Dogs That Just Don’t Understand How To Sit

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When you have a dog, teaching them basic obedience is key to a trouble-free life. Sit, stay and come are commands every puppy should learn. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time communicating with your own canine. Sometimes, though, the whole “sitting” thing can get pretty confusing for dogs to learn.Take these pooches for example. They never really did get the hang of sitting. Whether they forgot their sense of personal space or just did it plain wrong… the outcomes was hilarious.

Sit boy… SIT!

cuddling-dogs 1

No, the cat is not your bed.

cuddling-dogs 2

Some dogs are just natural with car rides.

cuddling-dogs 3

Now, STAY.

cuddling-dogs 4

Hmmm, this “sitting” stuff is hard work. For the cat.

cuddling-dogs 5

He isn’t on the furniture, technically.

cuddling-dogs 6

Car rides can be fun if you sit on a baby.

cuddling-dogs 7

Crate training is easy if you have a tempting cat nearby.

cuddling-dogs 8

… eh, good enough.

cuddling-dogs 9

He sat… but he also cut off circulation.

cuddling-dogs 10

I didn’t mean for you to sit THERE.

cuddling-dogs 11

Obedience class is just too hard.

cuddling-dogs 12

Sure, you got it. Close enough.

cuddling-dogs 13

I think “sitting” scarred him for life.

cuddling-dogs 14

Whiskers hated his owners for teaching Fido how to “stay.”

cuddling-dogs 15

Sure, he’s sitting, but he looks so sad.

cuddling-dogs 16

Dogs: the world’s best babysitters.

cuddling-dogs 17

Dogs are always by your side. And on your face.

cuddling-dogs 18

And he thought he was sitting so well.

cuddling-dogs 19

This is what “playing nice” with the cat looks like.

cuddling-dogs 20

Teaching Penny to watch over the horses was surprisingly easy.

cuddling-dogs 21

Okay… you don’t have to sit anymore… I promise.

cuddling-dogs 22

This is how you teach your older dog to keep an eye on the new puppy.

cuddling-dogs 23

Sure, they sleep in the doggy bed. … at the same time.

cuddling-dogs 24

Cuddling with the cat never goes well.

cuddling-dogs 25

They were supposed to go for a walk. Somehow this happened.

cuddling-dogs 26

Training your dog to lay down is as easy as getting a cat.

cuddling-dogs 27

Obedience lessons can be hard work.

cuddling-dogs 28

 … they know how to sit, but they don’t like it.

cuddling-dogs 29

Oh dogs, you crazy! Sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it, don’t worry. Practice makes perfect (probably). Share these silly dogs with others by clicking on the Share button below!

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