Helpful Hair Salon Teaches Dedicated Dads How to Style Their Daughter’s Hair

Posted on Lifestyle 31

Denver’s Envogue Salon is at the top of their game when it comes to teaching fathers how to do their daughters’ hair. Through an in-salon event called “Beer and Braids,” dedicated dads were given the opportunity to learn how to create ponytails, braids, and buns – all while bonding with their daughters. To make this night just as fun for the parents themselves, the salon offered a six-pack of beer to the dad who was able to create the best hairstyle for his little girl.

Envogue’s owner Calli Hueble-Bodilis recalls how one father was so nervous that his hands were shaking the entire time. “They’re definitely intimidated by the braids, and the ponytail can be the hardest,” she told Yahoo Beauty. “The guys’ hands are so big, and with their tiny daughters, the dads get frustrated.” But it seems that this wasn’t the only anxious dad out there. Hueble-Bodilis’ husband was actually inspired to organize the event because his business partner was late to a meeting – on account of him not knowing how to do his daughters’ hair.

Since the first “Beer and Braids” class was an instant hit, the salon is already planning to do more events in the future. In fact, Hueble-Bodilis wants to prepare a mother-daughter hairstyling night because dads aren’t the only ones who are clueless when it comes to all things hair. Now, let’s hope that this becomes a worldwide trend so that parents everywhere can be heroes in their daughters’ eyes.