Handmade Monster Mugs For Those Who Like Their Coffee Scary

Posted on Design 101

How do you like your morning coffee? Black? With sugar? Or straight out of hell? That’s how Jo Scravis does it, the artist behind the monstrous handcrafted pottery from Scravis Mugs.

“I’ve been creating pottery for approximately 10 years,” said Jo to deMilked. “All of my mugs are hand sculpted and one of a kind – right down to wrinkles in the “skin” to bloodshot eyes – never to be duplicated. Each mug is made on a pottery wheel and sculpted. Once dry enough, they are individually hand painted and fired several times in a kiln,” with a signature on the bottom to prove its uniqueness.

The designs range “from zombies to demons of every kind, and they are a great conversation piece.” You also don’t have to treat them as a delicate piece of art, as they are made out of sturdy stoneware clay to be dishwasher and microwave safe.

More info: etsy | instagram | demilked

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