Haitian Artists Help Photographer Create A Photographic Tarot Deck

Posted on Fun 13

In this beautiful, collaborative project, photographer Alice Smeets teams up with Haitian artist group Atis Rezistans to bring the tarot deck to life. The project, which they call The Ghetto Tarot involves re-creating the scenes of the Rider Waite Tarot deck in the slums of Haiti. Using trash and found items, the artists pose as a character in the tarot and Smeets captures the image against the vibrant backdrops of the region.

Smeets explains, “Our intention is not a glorification of the life in the Ghetto, but to feature the Haitian Ghetto and poverty in general in another light. I have observed over and over again that those, who the world calls “the poor”, are full of strength, full of life, joy and creativity. I believe we need more people in this world to start looking at them that way and stop seeing them as victims of a deserted and hopeless situation.”

Although The Ghetto Tarot has already reached its funding goals on IndieGoGo, there are still awesome prizes left to purchase over the next 28 days. See more work by Alice Smeets on her website.