Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Photos And Feels Nothing But Regret

Posted on Fun 249

Being a celebrity takes a toll on people. So we can’t blame them for simply wanting to hide in the comfort of their home and spend some time with their friends, family and… Average Rob.

Average Rob has dedicated his whole Instagram account to Photoshopping himself into rather unpleasant situations right from celebrities photo albums, bringing them down to earth and making them look just like the rest of us. What a guy…

More info: instagram | demilked (h/t: boredpanda)

1 What The Hell Did I Sign Up For Again?!


2 When I’m Passed Out On A Bus, Eminem Keeps Me Warm


3 Good old times when we were joking about Trump being elected as president one day… Good old times…


4 When Brangelina Broke Up, I Died With Them


5 When Taytay Plays, She Doesn’t Clean Up…


6 When Selena And I Eat Mexican Food, We’re Out Of TP


7 When I Passed Out On A Couch, Mila Took Advantage


8 Moments Before I Got Fired…


9 When I Met Kanye, He Hugged Me From Behind. That Was Weird


10 When You’ve Got The Shittiest Job At The White House…


11 Beyoncé!!! Can You Hear Me?! Okay! Can You Bring My Hello Kitty Waterwings With You When You’re Done? Mom Told Me I Couldn’t Go Swimming Without Them…