Guy Makes A Camera That Prints Instant GIFs

Posted on Technology 9

Polaroid instant-photo cameras have been around for years, but as the technology improves, so does the capabilities of it. And finally, the know-how is here to build an instant-GIF camera!

In this DIY project, a rather brilliant engineer named Abhishek has tackled yet another whacky idea of his to update the classic Polaroid OneStep camera with the 21st-century tech. Hence, the “Instagif NextStep” was made, capable of capturing a short video of the moment and loop it like a proper GIF.

Now you could say all of this is already available on a smartphone, but here you’re not only getting the functionality of the machine, but also the full physical experience of a Polaroid.

The Camera looks roughly the same as the original, and once you snap the GIF, it actually pushes out a cartridge with a screen that lights up with your clip.

Abhishek has released a detailed step-by-step guide if you decide to make one yourself, and he also has plenty more awesome projects waiting on his website.

More info: | demilked