Guy Flies To Toronto To See His Long-Distance Girlfriend For The First Time, Later Illustrates Each Precious Moment

Posted on Illustration 47

When you love someone, the distance between you is not an obstacle. Even crossing the Atlantic Ocean didn’t scare digital artist Simone “Simz” Ferriero – he made the trip all the way from Italy to Toronto in order to see his long-distance girlfriend for the first time. Just as expected, the trip was full of adventures and new experiences, and as a way to deal with this information overload, Ferriero decided to translate all of his emotions into quirky illustrations.

The highlights of this two-week trip (from December 16th to January 1st) tie together into a story that starts fairly slowly but grows more and more unpredictable and cute as the events accumulate.

So, cue “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and scroll down to see what the couple has been up to in those couple of weeks they’ve spent together.

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