Glittering Dragon Rings Playfully Wrap Their Tails Around Your Fingers

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Design team MONVATOO London harnesses the fiery personality of a dragon into an exquisite series of rings that playfully wrap around your fingers. Crafted in gold, gold plating, and sterling silver, these fanciful accessories add a bit of magic to your everyday style. Its symbolism can also serve as a motivating force in your life—in Chinese culture, the dragon represents power and majesty and will remind you to take charge of your day.

The adjustable rings imagine the fantastical reptile with two small horns and a webbed tail, whose s-shaped form looks like it’s hugging your finger. Clad in sparkling pinks, glittering blues, and vibrant reds, these creatures will stand the test of time—like their reputation—thanks to a high-polish shine.

MONVATOO sells their dragon rings on Etsy.

More info: mymodernmet | Instagram | Facebook | Etsy

Dragon Rings 2

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