Glass Bricks Stronger Than Concrete Replace The Facade Of Chanel Boutique

Posted on Architecture 25

You might have never thought about it before, but store owners who decide to open their businesses in historic city’s districts, usually face a problem of combining store’s functionality with the traditional architecture of the building. But a Chanel boutique in Amsterdam has made no compromises when they turned the facade of the building into a see-through glass-brick wall.

Crystal Houses is the creation of MVRDV, a contemporary architectural and urban issues solution group based in Netherlands who came up with this design partly thanks to the pioneering glass technology, which allowed them to replace the brick facade of a former townhouse in Amsterdam with a transparent replica, glued with see-through adhesive, better suited for a store.

The glass bricks are held in place with a see-through high-strength adhesive and according to MVRDV, the facade is “in many ways, stronger than concrete“, a statement supported by the extensive testing process prior the construction.

More info: MVRDV  | demilked (h/t: dezeen)