Giant Mythical Creatures Sculpted Out of Found Scrap Wood and Recycled Materials

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Danish artist Thomas Dambo utilizes scrap wood and leftover construction materials to fabricate sculptures that are fantastically gigantic. While one may imagine the sculptures to be quite intimidating, they actually produce the opposite effect. Many of Dambo’s pieces playfully interact with their surroundings and, as a result, they exude a whimsical personality.

The artist’s overall intention is to inspire others to recycle discarded materials in a creative fashion. For example, one of Dambo’s installations features Troels The Troll, who is holding a swing for children to play on. The adorable goblin’s hair is just as fanciful, since it is composed of wild plants that were transferred from a local park. Interestingly, this isn’t the only sculpture that takes on a mythological appearance. Trolls, giants, and even an evil wolf are all characters that have revealed themselves in the expert recycler’s work.

With each and every piece that he designs, Dambo flawlessly combines various themes that would otherwise seem contradictory. At their core, each sculpture represents the importance of salvaging leftover materials. Outwardly, they showcase the relationship that can be shared between a work of art and its surroundings.