Fun DIY Clock Made Of A Dish

Posted on Lifestyle 22

An eye-catching clock of a dish? Yes, please! You’ll need a dish, hands, a clock mechanism and some colorful tape (if you want). You can remove the hands and the mechanism from some old clock. Drill a whole in the dish, it should be of the same size as in the old clock. Secure the center pin with hot glue to stabilize it. Attach the hands to the clock; if they don’t fit, you can cut them. In order to make it a working clock, you’d have to follow the instructions on your clock assembly kit. If you want, you can add some colorful tape details and decorations to the new clock. Enjoy!

DIY Clock 1

DIY Clock 2

DIY Clock 3

DIY Clock 4

DIY Clock 5

DIY Clock 6

DIY Clock 7

DIY Clock 1