Fruit Dragons By Russian Artist Alexandra Khitrova

Posted on Art 310

Alexandra Khitrova is a Russian illustrator and concept artist who creates fantasy-like digital paintings. Previously a motion graphics specialist, she now goes by the artist name GaudiBuendia and delights us with ethereal creations portraying mostly mysterious scenes of nature.

Strolling through her gallery you can definitely notice her passion for animals and various mythical creatures which are in the end perfectly combined into one soft, dreamlike artwork. Her dragons are no exception, so take a look at her work below to see her amazing talent for yourself.

More info: | Facebook | boredpanda

Blueberry dragon

1 Blueberry dragon

Grape dragon

2 Grape dragon

Cherry dragon

3 Cherry dragon

Raspberry dragon

4 Raspberry dragon

Coconut dragon

5 Coconut dragon

Cloudberry dragon

6 Cloudberry dragon

Grape dragon

7 Grape dragon

Cherry dragon

8 Cherry dragon

Peach dragon

9 Peach dragon

Strawberry dragon

10 Strawberry dragon