Floating Villas Designed with Underwater Bedrooms to Sleep Among Fishes

Posted on Lifestyle 36

For those wanting to live comfortably on the sea, BMT Asia Pacific has conceptualized a series of villas that will float like pontoons. Known as SeaScape, this project offers an alternative in luxury housing on the sea, to compete with the yachts that dominate the current market. The standalone structures are designed to have a variety of add-ons for residents to customize the ship to their exact specifications.

Each SeaScape villa can include a sun deck or a covered pool, which would make the triangular boat as large as 1,800 square feet in size. If that seems too big, there are smaller, 700 square-foot units also available. Regardless of dimensions, all homes will boast a deck and an open room design that allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding sea. There’s also a proposed underwater bedroom that’s undoubtedly the most fantastic part of the villa. Here, residents can walk down a set of spiral steps into a clear acrylic cylinder and sleep among the fishes.

Because it exists offshore, the SeaScape villas will be partially self-sustaining as well as eco-friendly. There’s natural ventilation from sea breezes and temperature moderation through the hull via seawater, which are both inherently waterside elements. In addition, owners can also install solar panels to make a significant contribution to powering their unique homes.