Floating Hotel and Catamaran Apartments Offer a Luxurious Private Getaway

Posted on Lifestyle 32

For those wanting a water-centric vacation, this floating hotel and catamaran apartment seem like the ideal getaway. Serbia-based design studio Salt & Water created this luxury accommodations concept that’s aimed at promoting tourism on inland waters. It allows guests to explore without disturbing the surrounding natural environment.

Salt & Water’s idea features guest spaces that are all associated with the floating hotel. There’s a central construction that houses reception, a restaurant, an event hall, offices, and a cafe. It’s also how visitors reach the catamarans. Each apartment can be separated from the dock and independently navigated, which allows travelers to choose a private location for their trip.

Inside, the catamarans can accommodate two to four people, and they include a salon, galley, bathroom, and sleep area. There are also two outdoor spaces perfect for relaxing – a flying bridge and beach platform. The terrace creates easy access for swimming, diving, fishing, and sunbathing. With its large windows and ample outdoor areas, the floating apartments are a perfect way to escape ordinary life for a little while.