Floating Bar In The Middle Of The Ocean Aptly Titled Cloud 9

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Tropical paradise sounds good, and judging by the drone cam video of Cloud 9, this floating bar in Fiji is a picture-perfect example. The bar is a cozy looking two-floor platform in the middle of the ocean near the Malolo Barrier Reef, about 40-50 minutes away from the main island. The platform has a bar, surround sound system and, most importantly, an Italian wood fired pizza, making Cloud 9 probably the most interesting place to get fancy pizza. There’s clear blue ocean all around it so swimming is also an option, I guess.

Aerial Vision Australia, who specialize in drone video and photography for businesses down under, made the video. Cloud 9 can be booked for all sorts of occasions, though reaching it is another thing all together! With options ranging from charter boats to jet skis to a 55 person speed boat actually named ‘Excitor’.

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