Extreme Body Art Enthusiast Takes Facial Piercing To Another Level

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Joel Miggler, aka Bodymoded Punky, is a 23-year-old extreme body artist from Küssaberg, Germany with great passion for bizarre body modifications that might shock even our most jaded readers who’ve seen it all.Joel’s arguably most noticeable body mods are the two giant holes in his cheeks, which he can stick his tongue out of or blow smoke through. These 36mm-wide flesh tunnels are among Joel’s exotic collection of 27 piercings, 6 tattoos, several implants, branded buttocks and even a split tongue. Although Joel claims his tunnels don’t affect his daily life, he must take smaller bites when eating.The artist and alternative model has already spent over £4,000 ($6,800) altering his body since he first started ten years ago at the age of 13.

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