Every Year These 4 Friends Take The Same Christmas Photo, And The Way They Change Is Amazing

Posted on Fun 52

There are some Christmas traditions one cannot break. For some families, it’s decorating the house together. For others, it’s grandma’s special fruitcake that no holiday goes by without. Or maybe it’s just getting together and snapping a picture. That is exactly what these 4 friends do each year, and when we say exactly, we mean EXACTLY. Each year since 2009, this group of friends has been taking the same picture, documenting their changes as time goes by. The table, the setting, and the props vary each year, but the faces, the expressions are always the same. The only other thing that impresses us is the fact that these guys managed to stick together over the last decade and spend at least one evening each year together. And that is, probably, the best thing about these pictures.