Elegant Paper Lamp Sculptures Illuminate The Room With Style

Posted on Art 131

For the last decade, Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet have been making artistic paper sculptures that also serve as an elegant lighting solution.

For this long lasting project, the artists have combined their unique skills: “He structured the paper, she poetized it,” describes their website. Mouton-Perrat uses papier mâché technique to sculpt fragile dancing figures with white gowns that with the help of Guibrunet become the base of beautifully illuminated lamp.

Over the years, they’ve mastered the process and have produced more than a few brilliant designs. We’re wondering, maybe because of the material the artists chose or the art style they followed, the lamps seem to bring this magical quality wherever they’re placed. Making us want one pretty badly…

More info: papier à êtres | facebook | demilked(h/t: mymodernmet)







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