Driver-less Cars of the Future Will Be So Safe That We Can Make Them Out of Glass

Posted on Lifestyle 18

At the recent London Design Festival 2014, a local designer named Dominic Wilcoxrevealed his beautiful conceptual design of the future. As driverless technologies are well underway in the R&D process, Wilcox took the thought a step further implying that cars of the future will be so safe that we can make them out of glass! He presented a beautiful life-size concept car design made of colorful stained glass. He called his creation, which was commissioned by Dezeen and MINI Frontiers for their exhibition on the future of mobility, Stained-glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future. You can take a nap while your beautiful, computer-operated car takes you where you need to go!

Wilcox explains:

In the future it will be safer to drive in a driverless car than it will in a manual car, therefore we don’t need the protection systems that are built into contemporary cars. We can just have a shell of any design.

These lovely pictures were taken by photographer Sylvain Deleu. See this innovative design live in London at The Sorting Office until September 21st, 2014. Check out more work by Dominic Wilcox on his website.