Dom’Up: A Glamorous Treehouse That Doesn’t Harm the Tree

Most treehouses are rustic, but the new Dom’Up from architect Nicolas d’Ursel and arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne is downright glamorous. Their unusual design puts the treehouse in between the trees, combining the best qualities of the traditional treehouse with modern suspension systems like those on the Tentsile. Because it requires no permanent mounting hardware, it is both quick to install and has no impact on the trees it occupies.

“The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree which is full of branches and obstacles,” de Grunne told Gizmag. “Using our hanging system, we can distribute the weight of the structure with greater support, while having a lower impact on the trees. In fact, a tree can adapt itself to the constant tension like it does naturally with constant wind and we can achieve zero impact on the landscape. It is much better for the trees to hang treehouses between trees with our No Trace hanging devices, rather than trying to build into one or more trees.”

Dom’Up features a lightweight 16 sq m (172 sq ft) octagonal platform which is suspended between trees, utilizing the Trees and People No Trace arboreal fixing system. Despite the relatively large platform size, it only requires two large trees.

The shelter on the Dom’Up platform is framed with galvanized steel covered with a UV-resistant double canvas tent. The large interior is open to the outside environment, but should you like a little privacy or shelter from a storm, it can quickly be closed with zippered, roll down doors.