Dogs Vs Fans

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I’m an Ontario-based animal photographer Illona Haus of scruffy dog photography. BLOW is the unique and sometimes hilarious photo series. This artistic series explores the fun and captivating ways in which dogs interact with the wind generated by an antique fan.

As a busy pet-exclusive photographer, working with private and commercial clients globally, this project has been three years in the making. The idea was sparked after seeing my own dog, Merrick’s, beautiful coat blowing in the wind of a fan one hot summer day. I spent months searching for the perfect fan, then gave it a fresh paint job, and began the process securing the absolute best models.

It was important to me that this project be creative and artistic, and that each dog’s photo session with the fan be unique. It had to be more than simply walking each dog up to a full-speed fan and photographing their blowing hair. I was after ‘engagement’ and individual personality… exploring how each dog was reacting to and engaging with the blowing air, and also how their hair was affected by the wind.

I hope you’ll enjoy the variety of faces and characters, as well as their individual engagements with the blowing fan. What follows is merely a sampling of the amazing models who worked with me on this project.

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1 Traffic, The Bearded Collie / Border Collie Cross

2 Heidi, The Rescued Dachshund Who – Sadly – Has Now Passed Away

3 Sofie, The Chinese Crested

4 Whiskey, A Fawn Skye Terrier

5 Keno, The Borzoi

6 Chloe, The Perfect Yorkie

7 Sophrenia Euphemia, A Cockapoo

8 Party, The Bearded Collie

9 Carys, The Smooth-coated Border Collie

10 The Original Blow Dog. A Puppy Mill Rescue Dog Who Recently Passed

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