Dogs Pose with Their “Dads” for Quirky Father’s Day Portraits

Posted on Art 144

With Father’s Day fast approaching, photographer Chantal Adair of The Dog Styler has found a hilarious way to celebrate a certain set of dads who often go unacknowledged: dog dads. Her portraits pose owners with their puppies dressed in human garb, demonstrating the way the four-footed pets take after their two-legged parents.

The quirky pairs range from a culinarily-inclined canine, whipping up a meal with his foodie father, to a jersey-wearing football fan, complete with his own miniature bowl of popcorn. The shots make a case for each furball as not just a man’s best friend, but also a mini-me, with mimicry that’s adorably amusing.

Adair explained to Elite Daily, “I took theses photos because I enjoy making people laugh and the juxtaposition of dogs in human clothes strikes a chord in people that explores our evolutionary bond with these wonderful animals…As a photographer and dog lover, it’s a dream come true!”

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Dogs Pose 1

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