Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles Into Anime Characters, And The Results Are Awesome

Posted on Illustration 25

We’ve covered the amazing father and sons design project by French artist Thomas Romain before, but as this Tokyo-based family continues sketching, their doodles are becoming more and more sophisticated, leaving us anxious about what’s coming next!

Called ‘Father And Sons Design Workshop,’ the project has produced many amazingly creative Anime characters that are born out of crude drawings by Thomas’ sons. From sci-fi to steampunk and fantasy, anything goes in the kids’ drawings, and when they’re turned into professional illustrations, we get some of the most original characters out there.

Are you tempted to try redrawing one of those sketches yourself? If so, make sure to share them in the comments with the rest of us!

More info: instagram | patreon | youtube | demilked (h/t)