“Cucamelons” Are a Bite-Size Combination of Cucumbers and Melons

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Not many foods can call themselves both delicious and cute, but the cucamelon is one that’ll make you go “awww.” Native to Mexico and Central America, it’s a type of miniature cucumber—about the size of a grape. From certain angles, however, you might think these veggies were full-sized watermelons.

The cucamelon, despite the latter half of its name, tastes more like a cucumber than a melon and has a slightly sour tang that’s akin to a pickle. Thanks to this flavor profile, they’ve earned the nickname Mexican sour gherkins or more adorably, mouse melon.

You can find cucamelons at farmers markets or even grow them on your own—they sprout on a vine and blossom easily. Afterwards, they’ll make a great addition to summer salads, like this recipe that features the cucamelon with sliced radish and red wine vinegar.

More info: mymodernmet  | via [Bright Side, The Huffington Post]

Cucamelons 1

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Cucamelon and radish salad

Cucamelons 2

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