Couple Travels the World Performing Acrobatic Yoga Poses with Gorgeous Backdrops

Claudine and Honza Lafond combine two of their passions – yoga and travel – in an ongoing series of gorgeous photos they share on Instagram. The couple, who also happen to be yoga instructors, visit beautiful locales and monuments around the world, commemorating their journeys with graceful poses. Their popular account not only highlights their gravity-defying abilities, but also picturesque backdrops like Bali, Venice, and Berlin.

The couple doesn’t pose separately in their photos. Instead, they work together and pull off amazing acrobatic stances that require strength, balance, and trust of one another. It shows you just how incredible the human body is.

Claudine and Honza met in New York in 2007 and now teach at their Sydney-based studio called YogaBeyond. They also keep busy during their travels, holding AcroVinyasa workshops wherever they go and inspiring others to follow their bliss in life.