Collapsible Camper Hitches to Bicycle for Convenient Eco-Friendly Mobility

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Most sleeping campers require you to hitch them to a car or truck, which can be cumbersome and limit places to explore. The eco-friendly Wide Path Camper differs by attaching to your bike and allowing you to pedal to your desired destination. It’s durable, lightweight, and large enough for two adults to comfortably sleep inside. When you’re awake, simply fold the bed away and the trailer becomes a space for four adults to dine-in and relax. It even offers 300 liters of storage underneath the bed, which is ideal for hiding supplies or food.

The Wide Path Camper is also collapsible to make transportation safer and easier. To unfold, shift the back of the cabin downward, doubling the area. It takes about three minutes of setup, which is significantly less time than securing a tent.