5 Coldest Countries On The Planet

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It is true that there is nowhere on the earth that could possibly be colder than Antarctica, but to find the 5 coldest countries in the world you will need to check out the northern hemisphere. The most frigid landmass in the world is in fact not a country, but some of the following chilliest nations can all be located above the Arctic Circle, approximately 4,600 miles above the equator. However, latitude is only one of the various elements, as well as elevation above sea level and ocean currents that impact the medium temperature of a country.


Coldest Countries Russia


Throughout her history, Russia has seen winters that have literally halted invading armies in their tracks. In Europe by 1812, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had conquered the majority of the continent. But rather than sue for peace with the French dictator, Tsar Alexander chose to let the ghastly climate of Russia’s winter deal with the French intruders instead. The Russian summers within the tundra are very short, with rain and snow that pay a visit to the enormous land stretch for at least 2/3 of the year. During 1974 there was a record breaking temperature in Siberia of 96 degrees below zero Fahrenheit that had been documented. It can’t be denied that Russia is by far the coldest nation on the globe.


Coldest Countries Canada


From the southern edge of Canada, it extends all the way upward to the 83rd parallel, which is less than 500 miles south of the North Pole. In fact, the “Canadian Encyclopedia” identifies southern Canada as “the battle zone between cold air from Arctic regions and warm, moist air from the south.” For this very brisk land of the maple trees, the January temperatures can be seen down as much as 18.58 degrees below zero Fahrenheit on average. This is why it’s known to be the coldest county in the world, second only to Russia.


Coldest Countries Mongolia


For Mongolia being situated considerably below the Arctic Circle, appearances and locations can be deceiving. This country’s high elevation at roughly 4,900 feet above sea level, mixed with the dry desert environment are enough to deliver cool summers and piercing winters of cold. Mongolia is located between China and Russia and is a land-locked nation that is only slightly smaller than Alaska. During the summer months, the mercury will seldom ever rise to roughly 63 degrees Fahrenheit, while their winter temperatures can easily plunge to 23 degrees beneath zero Fahrenheit. In November the winter begins in Mongolia and ends during the last few days of April.


Coldest Countries Finland


In Finland, the most frigid temperature that anyone had ever documented there was roughly 60.7 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Finland can be found squeezed between Norway, Sweden and Russia, and is the 4th coldest nation in the world. Finland is only a little smaller than the state of Montana and the weather is affected by the Atlantic current and Baltic Sea. These factors present Finland with a standard annual temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit with summer days that push temperatures up as high as 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though there are mild summers here, Finland has considerable frost for approximately 137 days out of the year.


Coldest Countries Iceland


Iceland can be located only a thread’s breadth under the Arctic Circle and is geographically unique. Both the Gulf Stream and the volcanic activity have continued to make this nation of 40,000 square miles much warmer than numerous other destinations at such latitude. Iceland’s weather is quite unpredictable, as the Arctic air and Gulf Stream are constantly clashing with each other. Winter temperatures on average are roughly about freezing and the annual average temperature comes at about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes this fjord-ringed island the fifth most rigid country on the earth.