China’s First 3D Printed Automobile Is Not The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Vehicle

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We have heard about 3D-printed apartment buildings, guitars, furniture, and clothing.But now China’s WinSun Technologies brings us something a little more technical: a 3D-printed automobile. Although the design is not the most beautiful, the car really works! It has an electric motor that allows it to reach speeds of 25mph.

The car seats two people, measures 12 feet by 5 feet, and weighs over half a ton. WinSun calls their creative car, which they painted “tyrant gold”, “Shuya” and it only cost $1,770 to create. It looks like it popped right out of the set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? With this ability to print a functional vehicle, we’re hoping the next model will be a little more sleek. But this accomplishment is awesome, nonetheless. Read more about this project on