Catnip-Infused “Wine” Lets Your Favorite Feline Safely Enjoy a Glass with You

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After a long day at work, some of us like to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Now, thanks to Apollo Creek, you can have your nightly Merlot alongside your favorite feline. The Denver-based company has created two “wines” that are specifically engineered to please a cat’s palette. Cleverly named MosCATo and Pinot Meow, the white and red beverages are non-alcoholic and catnip-based, making them completely safe for a feline to imbibe. (And humans, too.)

If it weren’t for the labels, you’d think that Apollo Creek’s offerings were actually wine—they have a strikingly similar appearance. To give the Pinot Meow its Noir-like coloring, the company used beets in their recipe. That ingredient, along with the smell of catnip, will hopefully entice a cat to enjoy the tasty drink. The effects for both the red and white beverages are similar to a feline ingesting catnip flakes, which tends to mellow the furry creatures.

Both blends are available in a small 1.6 ounce bottle and a larger 8 ounce size. They’re currently available for purchase through the Apollo Creek website.

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