Buddhist Monk’s Footprints Are Naturally Ingrained in Wood Floor From Praying in Same Spot for 20 Years

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For over 20 years, a Buddhist monk named Hua Chi has been praying in the same spot at his temple in Tongren, China—and it shows. After two decades and up to 3,000 prayers per day, his footprints are ingrained in the wood floor, highlighting his incredible devotion to his spiritual practice.

The deepest part of the footprints measure 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) and are a cast of the balls of his feet. Hua hopes that this visible sign of loyalty and faithfulness will help him make a smooth transition into the afterlife so that his “spirit doesn’t suffer.” In this life, however, Hua has had a profound effect on those around him—the marks of faith inspire other monks to make footprints of their own.

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Buddhist Monk's Footprints 1

Buddhist Monk's Footprints 2

Buddhist Monk's Footprints 3

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