Brilliant Ad Reminds Us Not To Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes

‘Clothes don’t make the man’, or, in case of this social campaign, the woman. Feminist group Terre des Femmes and Miami Ad School Europe collaborated to make ‘A Woman’s Worth’, ad campaign against judging women by the clothes. The three ads feature parts of a female body: the neck and chest, the legs, and feet. On them – grading of the length of clothing, which implies that in the eyes of the society, the length of dress is measured not in centimeters, but in somewhat less precise terms like “slut” and “prude”.

Terre des Femmes is a feminist organization that started in Hamburg in 1981, and has had several national branch offs. This isn’t their only campaign, but it is the one that’s getting the most internet traction. Some internet users say that it has already been done before. But these particular ads are interesting in that these’s no “proper” marking, implying that either society will never agree on which way to dress is proper, or that there are no improper ways to dress.

In any case, more power to them!

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