Breathtaking Images of Costa Rica Covered in Flower Petals

Imagine a landscape swirling with millions of flower petals. Although this image may seem like something that would only happen in a dream, global advertising agency McCann commissioned photographer Nick Meek to bring that vision to life in a stunning campaign for Sony’s new 4K TV, which promises the ultimate picture quality with four times the detail of full HD TV.

The campaign was shot in Costa Rica, where it took the creative team and the inhabitants of an entire village more than two weeks to pluck the petals of the brightest, most vibrant flowers around. In total, 8 million flower petals were collected, symbolizing the beautiful 8 million pixel display of the 4K TV. With the help of a special effects team, the flower petals were released onto the lush Costa Rican landscape, creating breathtaking visuals of flower petals sweeping through a small town, erupting from a volcano, covering the surface of a street as a skateboarder rolls past, and floating in a river.

The incredibly detailed vistas reflect the sharpness and clarity of the 4K TV, promising to envelop the viewer in an realism. Looking at the photographs and video of the surreal experience, it’s not hard to imagine oneself in the middle of the rich Costa Rican landscape, watching clouds of flower petals swirl and dance in the wind.











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