Awesome Aquariums: Winners of the 2015 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

While most people are satisfied with giving their pet goldfish some colorful gravel, a plastic plant, and maybe one of those bubbly treasure chests, the entrants to the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) have turned aquarium design into an artform. The massive tanks require years of preparation and are focused almost entirely on the aesthetic presentation of plants using only natural elements.

The art of aquascaping is still a fledgling endeavor, first started in the 90s by Japanese wildlife photographerTakashi Amano. The annual IAPLC competition has grown dramatically since, with the 2015 contest seeing 2,545 entries from 69 countries. Japan, China, Brazil, and France dominate the top finalist spots (only 13 entries were from the United States). Finalists were announced in September.

The scoring of each aquarium is based on a complex matrix of six criteria: the recreation of natural habitat for fish; the creator’s technical skills; the long-term maintenance of the habitat; the originality and impression of the layout; presentation of natural layout; and the overall composition and planting ‘balance’. Participants face severe penalties for reconfiguring elements from their own past entries, stealing ideas from others, and using plants that may not last long-term in the environment presented.

This year’s grand prize winner was Takayuki Fukada from Japan with his aquarium titled Longing.

1 (Grand Prize) Takayuki Fukada, Japan / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


2 范博文, China / Courtesy IAPLC & AquaA3


4 Paulo Pacheco, Brazil / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


5 叶毅, China / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


8 タナカカツキ, Japan / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


10 Luis Carlos Galarraga, Brazil / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


12 Ana Paula Cinato, Brazil / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


16 张大东, China / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


19 薛海, Taiwan / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


21 Andre Longarco, Brazil / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


22 Olivier Thebaud, France / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase


23 Michaël Leroy, France / Courtesy IAPLC & Aquabase