Artist Paints Stunning Seaside Murals While Balancing On A Surfboard

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Hawaii-born painter and street artist Sean Yoro (a.k.a. Hula) has created a stunning series of street art murals depicting women emerging from the water along the concrete walls of ruined and abandoned structures. At home on the water, he paddles on a surfboard to reach the best locations for his art, even managing to balance his paint cans as well.

Before the NY-based artist unveiled these stunning street art murals on his Instagram, he had already made a name for himself with his beautiful portraits of women painted on canvas and even on old surfboards. Be sure to check out his website and Instagram for more!

street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-1 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-2 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-3 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-5 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-6 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-7 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-8 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-10 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-12 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-14 street-art-murals-women-water-level-sean-yoro-hula-17