Artist creates cute jewelry that look like delicious miniature desserts

Posted on Art 25

Your diet might not permit you to eat sweets, but it didn’t say anything about you wearing them. Polish artist Katarzyna Korporowicz of ‘Koko With Love’ creates drool-worthy jewelry that are inspired by desserts like ice cream, cookies, and chocolates.

Using polymer clay, Korporowicz shapes the material to look like miniature food items you can put on as earrings. The details on her creations are so realistic, you’d mistake them for the real thing if it weren’t for the metal parts attached to them.

‘Sometimes it takes several hours to finish one simple piece of cake or cupcake only because I always strive for perfection’, she says. ‘It can drive you crazy especially when an earring is as tiny as a dime. That’s why patience is essential with this kind of work’.

Head on over to her Etsy page to purchase some goodies for yourself.