Animal Footprint Shoes by Maskull Lasserre

If you see some exotic animal tracks in cities like New York, Ottawa or Boston don’t worry! It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have escaped from a zoo.

In his most recent project “Outliers (Trace)”, Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre has created a series of shoes that leave realistic animal footprints. Lasserre has been using them to leave animal tracks in Ottawa, Boston and New York since 2011 and the project isn’t finished yet.


animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-1 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-2 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-3 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-4 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-7 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-8 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-9 animal-footprint-shoes-maskull-lasserre-11