15 Amputees With A Brilliant Sense Of Humor

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A missing limb, whether lost through trauma, amputation or congenital disorder, can create untold difficulties for the people suffering from these conditions. But the 15 people in these photos show courage (and an excellent sense of humor) by making the best of their difficult situations.Hopefully, none of our readers will take this as a sign that they can make fun of amputees – the fact that these amputees can put a funny and positive spin on their situation is great, but don’t assume that it’s an invitation for you to laugh about it as well!

Shark Attack

Amputees Humors 1

Source: reddit

“When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Awesome Halloween Costumes”

Amputees Humors 2

Amputees Humors 3

Source: joshsundquist.com

Dolphin Tattoo

Amputees Humors 4

Amputees Humors 5

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DIY LEGO Prosthesis

Amputees Humors 6

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Trolling Kids At The Beach

Amputees Humors 7

Source: reddit

The Giant Thumb Tattoo

Amputees Humors 8

Image credits: Brad Bako

Clever Use Of A Prosthetic Leg

Amputees Humor 9

Source: reddit

Genuine Pirate Costume

Amputees Humor 10

Source: imgur

A Literal Tattoo

Amputees Humor 11

Source: imgur

Where Have My Muscles Gone!?

Amputees Humor 12

Source: imgur

Tribute To The Shark That Bit His Arm Off

Amputees Humor 13

Source: imgur

Amputee Husband Receives Gloves And His Wife With Mastectomy Receives Bra

Amputees Humor 14

Source: imgur

Piggies Gone To The Market

Amputees Humor 15

Source: tattoodo

Genius ‘Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp Costume

Amputees Humor 16

Image credits: Ashley P. Ash

‘Attacked By A Shark’ Halloween Costume

Amputees Humor 17

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