Amazing Fruit Carving Transforms Watermelon into a Shape-Shifting Lantern

Certain foods lend themselves well to becoming works of art. Watermelons, with their hard rinds, produce incredible edible sculptures that will make you rethink how you look at fruit. Recently, a watermelon carving out of China has blown us away with both its intricate detail and clever engineering.

A short video demonstrates how this awe-inspiring carved watermelon works. At the beginning, the rind appears to be etched into a fancy design—nothing else. But, that’s just a ruse; its outer layer has been fashioned into an interlocking pattern that’s as practical as it is decorative. The rope attached to the top of the watermelon reveals its amazing surprise. Upon lifting, parts of the rind have been extracted into four sections. The links wrap around one another to transform the watermelon into an elongated hanging lantern.

Aside from the rope, the watermelon completely supports its own weight. The careful cutting allows the links to slide effortlessly into one another, and the toughness of the rind ensures they won’t break. Now, all that’s left is to put a light in it and enjoy the rest of summer.

mymodernmet  h/t: [RedditThe Awesomer]

This watermelon carving showcases an incredible amount of engineering.

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It’s turned the fruit into a shape-shifting lantern. Watch the whole thing: