Amazed Little Girl Sees Clearly for the First Time and Can’t Hide Her Pure Joy

When a baby girl named Piper received her first pair of glasses, something wonderfully adorable happened. To help with her weak eyesight, parents Jessica and Andrew Verdusco decided to get their daughter fitted for prescription lenses. Once the spectacles were ready, the family excitedly retrieved them and went out to eat at a local diner. While there, Piper had the opportunity to try on her glasses for the first time and her loving parents filmed the entire experience.

At first, Piper struggled when her mom tried to secure the eyewear’s cloth band around her head. Once Jessica slid the glasses into place, Piper immediately stopped moving. You can see her taking her time to soak in her surroundings. And then… the baby girl couldn’t contain her excitement any longer as a delighted smile spread across her face. Right away, you can tell that Piper’s life has changed for the better. Now that she can see clearly for the first time, Piper can’t stop grinning.



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