Adorable Elephant Takes Incredible “Elphie” with a Young Traveler’s GoPro

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Two months ago, 22-year-old Christian LeBlanc was spending a semester abroad in Bangkok when one of his Instagram photos went viral. While exploring Thailand, Christian had come across an elephant sanctuary on the side of the road and decided to spend some time there. “I see a sign that for 50 cents you can feed the elephant. So my girlfriend and I go and buy a basket of bananas and we start feeding the elephant,” LeBlanc told CBC News. While the mammal was gleefully grabbing for more bananas, he grabbed the 22-year-old’s GoPro by accident, not realizing that they’d run out of bananas. “I didn’t even have time to think. It all happened so fast,” stated Christian.

In one quick movement, the gigantic creature threw its trunk into the air and snapped an incredible elphie, which stands for elephant selfie. Luckily, the GoPro was on time-lapse mode when the photogenic animal grabbed it, so he didn’t even have to press a button when the image was captured. After sharing the snapshot to Instagram, the elphie immediately went viral, allowing viewers everywhere to admire the elephant’s clever camera skills.

Elphie1 Elphie2 Elphie3 Elphie4 Elphie5

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