Adorable Dog Is Hiding in Every Photo Like a Real-Life “Where’s Waldo”

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If you were recently stumped while trying to find the cell phone camouflaged on a patterned rug (we were), here’s a series of photos that might be more your (and our) speed. “My father-in-law took pictures of the cabin the whole family stayed at this weekend,” Redditor SeeYourGypsy wrote. “Their dog is in every one of these pictures.” Your quest is to find the canine lurking among the rustic decor.

The photos are reminiscent of the classic Where’s Waldo picture book series, and Redditors have similarly dubbed SeeYourGypsy’s challenge as Find Fido. Some images prove harder to decipher than others, and you have to squint and strain in order to find the Australian Shepherd. Whether you’re great at these games or need some practice, we wish you good luck!

More info: mymodernmet | via [Reddit, Pleated Jeans]

Here’s an easy one to get you started:


Can you find the dog?

dog2 (1)







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