Abandoned Orient Express Train Reveals The Luxury Travel Of The Past

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The Orient Express is one of the most iconic trains ever created, and up to this day, it reminds us of what a luxurious mode of transportation trains once were. Sadly, only one of these beauties, launched in 1883 by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL), still remain on tracks. So photographer Brian bothered to go all the way to Belgium to capture it while he still can.

Brian is a Rotterdam city-inspired photographer. After great personal struggles, he turned to photography for distraction, and to study the craft he chose Rotterdam. One of the biggest cities in Netherlands, it was bombed during WWII and later rebuilt using an incredible variety of architectural styles, which inspired Brian in the first place.

During his studies, one of his teachers told him about photographing abandoned places, and he was immediately hooked: “When I step into an abandoned site it feels like stepping into a time machine. I try to feel the emotions of it’s past and that is what I want to show in my pictures,” Brian writes on his website. “When people are looking at my work and raise a question about the “what, why, when” then I feel I have succeeded.

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