A Dozen Types of Men Women Refuse to Date

Posted on Fun 65

The idea of finding for every woman to find their personal Prince Charming shouldn’t keep searching for one. Not everyone is going to be the owner of a glass slipper and while that sounds pretty disheartening for those day-dreamers, true love is still real and can is honest and comfortable.
Women make an effort to find a guy that is just right; however, that isn’t much easier. In fact, there are several types of men who women would rather avoid from the dating scene. The following are the most common that are thrown back while women go fishing for that “just right” guy.


Too Insecure for Honesty – Part of having a good relationship is getting to know the other person and this type of man is more likely to lie about everything; even easy to verify facts that wouldn’t have mattered in the first place. Their hope is you enjoy the more entertaining lie than the boring, or in some cases incriminating, truth.


Self-Righteous – The typical belief that this person that he is the greatest gift from God, sent from heaven above. It might seem like confidence at first, but it can get tiresome pretty quick.


Super Cheap – It’s one thing to be thrifty while shopping, but this type of man is someone who tries to spend as little as possible; which can be rather difficult to live with.


Mr. Arrogant – Someone with extreme self-confidence can be better defined with another word that starts with the letter “A” and it’s not a pleasant one either.


Flirty with all – This person likes to flirt with multiple people, including a woman’s friends; which explains why he’s always single.


The Clueless Misogynist – Not being up to date with how the gender roles have evolved since the 1940s is someone who is not going to last long in a relationship.


RiRi-Style Rudeness – It’s not about the language, it’s about the content he speaks to all of his friends about regarding the night he spent with a woman.


Very Argumentative – Someone who likes to make a point, even if it is debunked by the other part. He will likely hold true for the long run.


Boring and predictable – Someone who doesn’t provide a lot of depth for interest or inspiration is someone who will make the time on your date crawl slowly.


Controls with an Iron Fist – Similar to the person who might be too insecure is likely going to make a woman he dates just as insecure by using manipulation to prevent you from leaving him.


What job? – This person thinks most women are gold diggers after his money, even though he hasn’t paid taxes for several years and doesn’t have a job title to his name. Not somebody you would want to take to your next office party.


The One Who Doesn’t Ask – Usually, this type of man will wait for you to make the first move and waits for the woman to come to him. In a lot of ways, he doesn’t meet any social normalcies and hopes that while he’s stumbling over his words nervously, you’ll step up.

Source: herbeat