7 Places in Dubai That Will Blow You Away

Dubai is a city of dreams, luxuries, immense money and numerous world records. What you read about Dubai is only 10% of what it actually is. The grandeur and glitz is best experienced by being in the city.

While there are a lot of attractions that are giving stiff competition to even the most developed nations in the world, there are some places in Dubai that will blow your mind and drop your jaw in wonder and amazement

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1. Burj Khalifa


Just the mention of the tallest man made structure on earth is enough to ignite excitement, that reaches its extreme when you actually get to see it. The Burj Khalifa rises towards the sky as long as your eye can see. But it doesn’t end at the admiration of the structure from the bottom. Pay a small fee to reach the 144th floor observation deck and admire a view that you get to see once in a lifetime. The world below looks so tiny and the vista so stunning, you simply want to stay there forever. The Burj Khalifa observation deck is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

WOW Facts:

It is the tallest free- standing structure in the world at 828 meters

It has the fastest and longest elevator in the world.

It has the world’s highest number of stories and the highest occupied floor world record as well.

The tip of the Burj Khalifa sphere can be seen from 95kms away.

2. Dubai aquarium


The Dubai Aquarium is the world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium housing over 33000 marine animals including sharks and rays. The aquarium is so colossal and one of its kind, that tourists and locals always surround the place and never get tired of taking pictures there.

WOW Facts:

Measuring 51mx20mx11m in size, it is the largest indoor aquarium in the world.

The aquarium’s acrylic panel weighs 245000kgs and is one of a kind in the world.

The aquarium that is located in the ground floor rises up to a height of the 3rd floor of the mall.

3. Miracle Garden


The Miracle garden of Dubai is the world’s biggest natural flower garden. What’s mind boggling is the fact that they managed to create a natural flower garden with over 45 million flowers arranged in various shapes and sizes, all in a desert city.

WOW Facts:

It has the world’s largest flower wall with a circumference of 1 kilometer.

The design and décor of the garden is changed every season to give it a new look.

The sprawling garden is spread in an area of 72000 sq.kms.

It also has a special butterfly garden section including thousands of amazing butterflies of the world.

4. Dubai fountain


You might have seen many wonderful fountains in the world but nothing even comes close to the grandeur of the Dubai fountain. The world’s largest themed water fountain- Dubai fountain is your chance to enjoy a spectacular water fountain display on the most classic and timeless tunes of the music world.

WOW Facts:

The Dubai fountain is 275 meters long, almost equivalent to the length of 2 football fields.

The fountain jets water up to a height of 150 meters, equivalent to a height of a 45 storey building.

It is decorated with over 6000 WET lights and 25 color projectors to add to its grandeur.

The light beam that shines upward from the fountain can be seen from 20 miles away.

5. Dubai desert safari


It is said that no trip is complete without the Dubai desert safari. One of the best excursions to enjoy in the city, the Dubai desert safari tour is famous all over the world for its sand dunes and camping experience, and exceptional Dubai hospitality.

WOW Facts:

The Dubai desert safari offers various options like Morning, Evening, and overnight desert safari as well.

The desert safari includes dune bashing, quad biking, sunset, sunrise photography and desert camping as well.

The desert camping also offers sumptuous dinner, refreshments, souvenir shopping, dance and entertainment and the famous Shisha experience.

6. Burj al Arab


The world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel is no less than an attraction in itself. Built on a man-made island on the colossal Arabian sea, the Burj Al Arab is a sail shaped hotel also marked as the icon for the development of Dubai.

WOW Facts:

The luxury hotel is designed in such a way that during the day the entire public area of the hotel relies solely on day light.

It takes a team of 19 people working for a full month to clean the windows of the structure.

It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world to stay in with an average cost per night in the suite starting from $1000.

The hotel is built on an artificial land and all its suites offer its guest gold plated iPads, Egyptian linens, whirlpool baths and a personal butler service.

The hotel has 9 opulent restaurants with bars, four pools and a private beach too

7. The Global Village


The Global Village located in the Dubailand area of the city is the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. A one of a kind destination, the Global Village offers a sneak peek into a country’s culture. The best of culture, cuisine, tradition, and souvenirs are available at every country’s arcade. A world fair like place, Global Village is one of the most exciting places to visit in Dubai.

WOW Facts

It witnesses over 7 million visitors in its 6 months of operation every year.

The Global village offers stunt shows, concerts, Globo shows, Street performances, fireworks, and more beyond the pavilion attractions.

It has a parking space for over 14000 vehicles, and a special shuttle service is offered to reach to and fro from the parking spot.

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in world. The thriving tourism attractions, convenient Dubai Visa policies and exceptional hospitality makes it a must visit destination. Unlike many other tourist cities, who depend on their prevailing attractions and cash on from their existence, Dubai is continuously striving to get past its own benchmarks and create bigger and better, inconceivable attractions to ensure Dubai never slips from the list of the world’s best tourist destination.

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